Brokerage Event 2016 Regenerative Medicine and Bioinformatics

People Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It...

Thursday, 19. 5. 2016  08:30

Brokerage Event 2016 Regenerative Medicine and Bioinformatics

Brokerage Event 2016 is dedicated to one of the other areas of research specialization supported under the Innovation Strategy of the Moravian-Silesian Region – Regenerative Medicine and Bioinformatics. The main aim is to provide a space for international exchange of experience and present the latest findings from the field of research and development and networking between the various actors (universities, companies, research institutes and cluster organizations). 

The program is divided to seven sections:

1 - Perspectives of biotechnology in the world
2 - Regenerative Medicine and Bioinformatics in Moravian-Silesian Region 
3 - Collaborative, non-commercial research in Regenerative Medicine and Bioinformatics
4 - Technology Transfer and Patenting in Biotechnology
5 - Startups in Biotechnology – experiences from Moravian-Silesian Region
6 - International collaborative, non-commercial research in Regenerative Medicine and Bioinformatics
7 - International startups in Biotechnology - best and bad practice

Where: Dům Kultury Akord Ostrava-Zábřeh
Registration: 8:00-8:30
Start: 8:30
Tentative end: 17:00

Conference is free of charge. Translation (CZ/EN) will be provided.


Brian H. Johnstone

Brian works as a Research and Development Director in NeuroFx, Inc. He specializes in therapeutic drug development and to bringing stem cell-based therapies to market. Brian has held leadership positions in a number of start-up biotech companies, many which he co-founded. He has developed the cross-training required to lead development and commercialization programs.

Implemented Projects:
P1: NeuroFx is developing a mesenchymal stem cell secretome product. We are evaluating our lead drug (NFx-101) as a therapy for stroke. Testing in preclinical models of stroke has demonstrated promise to meet the unmet medical need for effective stroke therapies.

P2: NFx-101 has been evaluated in a rabbit model of critical limb ischemia. Treatment with a single injection of NFx-101 rescued ischemic limbs by promoting growth of blood vessels in the affected limbs.

Hagen von Briesen

Professor von Briesen is Head of Division Biotechnology in Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering in Germany. The main research topics of his team are focused on cell biology, cryobanking and nanobiotechnology. He has many years of experience in research in HIV & experimental haematology as well as in developing diagnostics.

Implemented Projects:
P1: The Global HIV Vaccine Research Cryorepository (GHRC) is an advanced HIV Specimen repository where samples obtained from specific Hiv cohorts like early responders or from tests of vaccine candidates are collected and shared in controlled low-temperature conditions for long-term preservation and for sharing among collaborating HIV research laboratories. GHRC has been established on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support the global HIV vaccine research by collecting and offering cryo-preserved HIV specimens of relevance for vaccine development to researchers from the Collaboration for Aids Vaccine Discovery (CAVD).

P2: The Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) protects the brain from peripheral circulation and toxic substances hence also restricting the transport of many drugs to the brain and -so far- representing an insurmountable obstacle for most drugs. In animal models we could show that nanoparticles (NP) can cross the BBB and transport drugs to the brain, especially apolipoprotein modified NP. Into these NP we now want to incorporate AD drugs to allow BBB crossing.

J. Patrick Finn III

Company: Fish & Richardson P.C.
Position / Responsibility: Managing Principal
Research Specialization: Molecular biology and immunology

Implemented Projects:
P1: We help innovators obtain global patent protection for their important biotechnology inventions. To accomplish this, our team of attorneys and technology specialists, most of whom have advanced Ph.D. degrees, works directly with innovators to prepare and file strong patent applications focused on important commercial aspects of biotechnology inventions.

P2: For particularly promising technologies, we offer a mutually-beneficial fee arrangement that allows university and research institution clients to maximize patenting objectives and commercialization efforts on a risk sharing basis.

Václav Procházka

Václav Procházka is in charge of research and development at University Hospital Ostrava. His research specialization is Angiology, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells.

Implemented Projects:
P1: DiaCelliX - New regenerative medicine product for treatment of secondary effects of T2DM. The main aim of this project is to investigate the joint effect of adipose derivated stem cells from stromal vascular fraction (ASC-SVF) and intestinal submucosa microparticles (MISP) for treatment of diabetic patients.

P2: Open, non-randomized clinical trial to determine the safety and effectivness of transplantation of autologous trombocytes and autologous thrombin in patients with deep burn trauma. Result: United States Patent US 8,728,466 B2. 2014-05-20: Treating burn injuries with reduced hypertrophic scarring.

Fedor Kryukov

Company: University Hospital Ostrava and University of Ostrava
Position / Responsibility: Senior researcher
Research Specialization: Multiple Myeloma, Amyloidosis

Implemented Projects:
P1: Aberrant plasma cells clonal diversification in immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis. Supported by the Ministry of Health (15-29667A)

P2: Complex genomic studies in monoclonal gammopathies. Supported by the Institutional Development Plan of University of Ostrava in 2016, financial resources are allocated by The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (project no. IRP201550)

Piotr P. Buszman

American Heart of Poland, Poland
Position / Responsibility: Co-Director Center for Cardiovascular Research Development
Research Specialization: Pre-clinical cardiovascular research

Implemented Projects:
P1: Therapeutic Potential of Adipose-Derived Therapeutic Factor Concentrate for Treating Critical Limb Ischemia.

P2: Adipose-derived stem cell conditioned medium (ASC-CM) promotes revascularization of ischemic tissues in a rabbit model of peripheral artery disease

Sven Parkel

Company: University of Tartu
Position / Responsibility: Technology Transfer Officer

Lubomír Pavliska

Lubomír Pavliska works as data analysis expert at University Hospital Ostrava. He is responsible for data store and analysis.

Implemented Projects:
P1: Focus on Key Sources of Environmental Risks realized within Public Health in Ostrava was aimed at focussing mitigation actions on the key sources of groundwater contamination. The project activities where facilitating the implementation of a comprehensive, integral groundwater risk management approach in line with the principles set by the European Groundwater Directive.

Jiří Rosický

Jiri Rosicky is the founder and CEO in Invent Medical Group, Inc., in Czech Republic. IMG is a high-tech medical startup company focused on research & development, digital technologies in prosthetics & orthotics and clinical application. They focus deeply on the synergy of cutting-edge technology with the human touch to produce the most personal wearables ever.

Implemented Projects:
P1: Application of digital technologies for design, manufacturing and assessment of custom-made orthotic and prosthetic devices. This project was focused on modern design methods of custom-made orthoses and prostheses (3D scanning, processing of CT/MRI data, computational modeling), manufacturing methods (CNC machining, 3D printing) and clinical assessment (biomechanical analytic methods). The results are represented by verified documented process of digital technology application and manufacturing of functional prototypes of custom-made prostheses and orthoses.

P2: Research of silicone materials and their application for external prostheses of human body. This project was focused on industrial research (silicone materials and the manufacturing technology) and the development of external silicone prostheses (tomato prostheses, facial prostheses). The results are represented by technological process of manufacturing of custom-made silicone prostheses with implementation of digital technology (3D scanning, computational modeling, 3D printing, colorimetric analysis).

Jakub Schůrek

Company: PrimeCell Therapeutics a.s.
Position / Responsibility: Member of the Board
Research Specialization: Jakub field of interest is technology transfer of cell and tissue based products. As the co-founder of PrimeCell Therapeutics, he specilizes in preparation and development of early stage R&D projects in respective field.

Implemented Projects:
P1: 4MEDi - preparation of the project and novel products development in biotech scientific park
P2: SCL biological Czech - czech-chinese joint-venture company of PrimeCell Therapeutics with SCL China

Henk Snyman

Company: Cook Regentec
Position / Responsibility: doctor MD PhD
Research Specialization: Regenerative Medicine

Henk Snyman leads projects in Cook Regentec. The company is focused on developing research and clinical tools to advance regenerative medicine therapies from the lab to the patient. Our team originated at Cook Medical, a medical device company that has worked with researchers and physicians for more than 50 years to develop more effective therapeutic tools. Cook Regentec’s starting range of products includes cellular growth media, solutions for cryopreservation, and medical devices for the delivery of therapeutic agents.

Implemented Projects:
P1: Led development of interferon therapy in multiple sclerosis
P2: Launched blockbuster cancer support therapy

Tomáš Karásek

Tomas Karasek works as deputy head of research programme HPC libraries and supercomputing for Industries in the National Supercomputing Center IT4Innovations within Technical University of Ostrava. The main focus of research team is high quality applied research in CFD modeling, structural mechanics and bio-image processing.

Implemented Projects:
P1: SESAME Net, Supercomputing Expertise for Small And Medium Enterprise
P2: Increasing Passengers Passive Safety and Comfort in Railway Traffic

Romana Kurková

Company: E&H services, a.s.
Position / Responsibility: Expert and researcher

Research Specialization:
Qualitative and quantitative diagnosis of organic substances (eg. PCDD/Fs, PBDEs, PCBs, PAHs, alkylphenols, nonylphenols, pesticides) in all environmental and biological matrices

Jan Petr

Jan Petr is a senior researcher of Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials at Palacký University in Olomouc. He specializes in analytical chemistry and microfluidics.

Implemented Projects:
P1: Characterization of nanoparticles by capillary electrophoresis; development of methods for characterization of nanoparticles, their surface and interactions with biological entities (proteins, cells etc.); synthesis of targeted nanoparticles.

P2: Development of low-cost diagnostics devices; development of low-cost analysis platforms using paper, ink-jet printing and foil; software development for operating these platforms on smartphones/devices; comparison with traditional PDMS microdevices.

Lukáš Satin

Lukáš is CEO in company NANOTRIK. He specializes in designing custom motion & EMG sensors with the help of opensource hardware.

Implemented Projects:
REHAB+. Analysis of movements to be used for patient rehabilitation. We have developed our own modular framework for signal analysis that runs on desktop computer or small embedded platforms. We have currently 3rd generation of our motion/EMG sensors hardware.

Martin Černý

Martin Černý works at Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering at Technical University of Ostrava as assistant professor / researcher. He specializes in medical diagnostic devices development and biosignal processing.

Implemented Projects:
P1: Rehabilitation device with biofeedback. Clinical study and Utility model
P2:Living laboratory for research in the field of Remote Home Care

Anna Czarnecka

Company: Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny OBR we Wrocławiu, Poland
Research Specialization: Dermatology; Regenerative Medicine

Implemented Projects:
P1: ADMSC in the treatment of chronic wounds
P2: ADMSC in the treatment of scleroderma and advanced Raynaud's Phenomenon/Syndrome

Grzegorz Dziubanek

Company: Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach, Katedra Zdrowia Środowiskowego, Poland
Research Specialization: Human exposure studies and Risk Assessment

Roman Hájek

Company: University Hospital Ostrava and University of Ostrava
Position / Responsibility: Head of Department of Haematooncology
Research Specialization: Multiple Myeloma, Amyloidosis

Implemented Projects:
P1: LC06027 University Research Centre - Czech Myeloma Group

P2: EE2.3.20.0046 International center for research and education in the field of monoclonal gammopathies. and hematooncology

Ján Kyselovič

Company: Comenius Univeristy
Position / Responsibility: Professor
Research Specialization: Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Implemented Projects:
P1: Intramyocardial implantation of autologous bone marrow mononuclear derivetes stem cells in patients with chronic ischemic coronary disease undergoing aorto-coronary bypass (CABG).
The National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases Bratislava and Comenius University Bratislava

P2: Regenerative potential of pharmacological intervetion to the GATA4, HAND2, MEF2C and TBX5 signal pathways in cell based therapy of cariovascular diseases. Comenius University Bratislava

Leszek Maslowski

Company: Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny we Wrocławiu, Poland
Research Specialization: Vascular medicine, internal diseases

Implemented Projects:
P1: ADMSC in the treatment of chronic wounds
P2: ADMSC in the treatment of corneal ulcers

Libor Míček

REHAB plus, Czech Republic

Martin Paciorek

Martin Paciorek works in University Hospital Ostrava as a Head of Center for Plastic Surgery. He specializes in Reconstructive Surgery, Microsurgery, Osseointegration, Anaplastology, Advanced Digital Technologies in Plastic Surgery (Virtual Planning, Virtual Modeling, 3D Printing).

Implemented Projects:
P1: Breast reconstruction optimization - Breast lipomodeling as a minimally invasive technique of autologous breast reconstruction for cancer patients (2015 - 2017) - as a main investigator of the grant project financed by Moravian-Silesian Region.

P2: Application of digital technologies for design, manufacture and evaluation of customized orthotic and prosthetic devices (2011 - 2013) - as a co-investigator of the grant project financed by Ministry of Industry and Trade.

David Pawera

David works as project manager in Regional Development Agency in Ostrava. He is responsible for application of smart specialisation concept (RIS3 strategy) within innovation system of the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Implemented Projects:
P1: Analysis of technological trends, their further prediction (technology foresight methods)
P2: Financing schemes for supporting of research, development and innovation activities (both grants and returnable support)

Petra Vrublová

Company: University Hospital Ostrava
Position: Laboratory technician at Hematooncology clinic
Specialisation: Biobanking (collecting, processing and storage of biological material from hematooncology patients)


Thursday, 19. 5. 2016

08:00 08:30, Foyer
Opening Speech
08:30 08:45, Conference Hall

- Miroslav Novák, President of the Moravian-Silesian Region
- Josef Srovnal, University Hospital Ostrava
- Petr Očko, Chairperson of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

1a - Perspectives in biotechnology at Fraunhofer (Germany)
08:45 09:15, Conference Hall
— Hagen von Briesen, Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Germany
1b - Estonian biotechnology sector
09:15 09:45, Conference Hall
— Sven Parkel, University of Tartu, Technology Transfer Unit, Estonia
09:45 10:00, Conference Hall / Foyer
2a - Development of Biotechnology in Moravian-Silesian Region
10:00 10:10, Conference Hall
— David Pawera, Regional Development Agency, Czech Republic
2b - Biosensors and Medical Devices Development at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava
10:10 10:20, Conference Hall
— Martin Černý, Technical University of Ostrava, Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering
2c - The Use of Digital Technologies in Plastic Surgery
10:20 10:30, Conference Hall
— Martin Paciorek, Marek Bortlíček, University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic
2d - Biosignal analysis with machine learning on embedded platforms and sensors
10:30 10:40, Conference Hall
— Lukáš Satin, Libor Míček, NANOTRIK, Czech Republic
2e - Imaging data processing in Medicine
10:40 10:50, Conference Hall
— Tomáš Karásek, Technical University of Ostrava, IT4Innovations, Czech Republic
2f - Selected results from biomonitoring studies
10:50 11:00, Conference Hall

- Romana Kurková, E&H services, a.s., Czech Republic
- Grzegorz Dziubanek, Katedra Zdrowia Środowiskowego Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach, Poland

3a - Biotechnology Research and Clinical Application
11:00 11:15, Conference Hall
— Václav Procházka, University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic
3b - Biobanking
11:15 11:30, Conference Hall
— Roman Hájek, Petra Vrublová, University Hospital Ostrava & Faculty of Medicine-University of Ostrava
3c - Sample pre-processing for high-throughput “omics”
11:30 11:45, Conference Hall
— Fedor Kryukov, University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic
3d - Biochips: Future of Medicine
11:45 12:00, Conference Hall
— Jan Petr, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Czech Republic
3e - New methods of data analysis in clinical studies
12:00 12:15, Conference Hall
— Lubomír Pavliska, University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic
12:15 13:00, Lounge bar / Conference Hall
4a - Collaborations as part of a Regenerative Medicine Business Model
13:00 13:30, Conference Hall
— Henk Snyman, Cook Regentec, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
4b - Patenting Biotechnology Inventions
13:30 14:00, Conference Hall
— J. Patrick Finn III, Fish & Richardson P.C., USA (Minesota)
5a - Motion analysis and signals muscles of the upper extremities, data processing and analysis
14:00 14:15, Conference Hall
— Lukáš Satin, Libor Míček, REHAB+, Czech Republic
5b - Application of Direct Digital Manufacturing in Prosthetics&Orthotics and Related Medical Areas
14:15 14:30, Conference Hall
— Jiří Rosický, Invent Medical Group, s.r.o., Czech Republic
14:30 14:45, Conference Hall / Foyer
6a - The role of translational research in development and clinical introduction of novel regenerative therapies
14:45 15:00, Conference Hall
— Piotr P. Buszman, American Heart of Poland, Poland
6b - Transfer of new products in regenerative medicine to practice in biotech park 4MEDi
15:00 15:15, Conference Hall
— Jakub Schůrek, 4MEDi - Biotech Business Park for Medical Innovations, Czech Republic
6c - Regenerative Medicine in Cardiovascular Diseases – Research and Clinical Application: Coordination in Bratislava Region
15:15 15:30, Conference Hall
— Ján Kyselovič, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovak
7a - Commercial Drug Discovery and Development Through Government-Funded Industry/Academic Partnerships
15:30 15:45, Conference Hall
— Brian H. Johnstone, NeuroFx, USA (Indiana)
7b - Adipose derived stem cells based regenerative terapy in Wrocław (current state and future prospects)
15:45 16:00, Conference Hall
— Leszek Masłowski, Anna Czarnecka, Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny we Wrocławiu, Poland
16:00 16:30


Brokerage Event 2016 - Regenerative Medicine and Bioinformatics

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