Crafting is not dead!

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Thursday, 19. 11. 2015  

Crafting is not dead!

The first Informal CONFERENCE on craft FABrication LABoratories in the Czech Republic!!!

Where? Provoz Hlubina - part of Dolní oblast Vítkovice

Registration: 12:30 pm - 1 pm
Start: 1 pm
Tentative end: 5 pm

Handymen are a dying breed, but the desire to create still remains. How to revive crafts in creative workshops (not only) in the cities will be presented by experienced operators from various Fabrication Laboratories from all over Europe.

+ How to develop crafts in shared workshops
+ How to avoid dead ends when starting FabLabs
+ The best practices of founders/operators
+ Ideas how your FabLab could look like
+ A unique chance to hold informal meetings and exchange experience


Veronique Routin (FR)

Director of development in Fing one of the most important think tank on digital disruption in Europe. Veronique has worked on FabLabs and their development in France. Participated to a first prototype of FabLab in France in 2010 and the report on a FabLabs in Europe and in the US.

Pawel Janowski (PL)

Founder and Manager in Zakład Makerspace (Makerspace, coworking, hackerspace, fablab). Organizer / coordinator and a handyman in one. In the Zakład he is engaged in a locksmithing - or anything related to the metal, welding, etc.

Roland Stelzer (AU)

CEO and founder of Happylab Vienna - Austria's first FabLab. He established the Happylab as a regional link between schools, universities and innovative businesses. As one of the world’s leading Fab Labs, the Happylab is supporting the development of local manufacturing enterprises, through the use of new technologies including 3D printing.

Ondřej Kašpárek (CZE)

Fablab/Makerspace manager in DEPO2015, Plzeň, Czech Republic. One of the creators of the first FabLab and makerspace in the Czech Republic, which is part of the Centre for creative entrepreneurship, where culture meets business in innovative solutions. DEPO2015 as a creative zone offers also incubation program, coworking space, showrooms and ateliers.


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The venue:

Dolní oblast Vítkovice

Ruská 2993
729 30 Ostrava